SUB02.1 Spaces

This sub-plenary explores how doing STS by other means has displaced research out of the laboratory into other types of spaces. Our main concern is to bring to the fore the specificities of knowledge and innovation production in these spaces and the tensions that constitute their ecology of practices and modes of dwelling. The session will also look at how these new spaces challenge methodological and empirical approaches, transforming researchers’ practices and engagements with other humans and more than humans. Spaces are, then, not only sites of research and intervention, but they are transformative placements. Inquiring what they ‘ask for’ is an empirical and conceptual challenge that needs attention.

The session will be structured as a conversation between three researchers involved in three different environments: digital, outdoors, and intimate, to share and discuss how their practices are intertwined and depend on the physical, social, political and cultural conditions of those spaces. Ann Kelly works on outdoors spaces like field labs in crisis such as the Ebola outbreak; Christopher Kelty researches collaboration and participation in digital spaces; and Joana Latimer’s work is on intimate spaces, such as care spaces. All three are doing research on and from these environments, but are also entangled in them in different ways.


  • In which ways does the space that you are working on demand doing STS by other means?
  • How does it transform your research practices and engagements?
  • How does it open or challenge concepts?



The Wild Indoors: Makeshift Spaces of Global Health Research
Ann Kelly (King’s College, London)

$ sudo chmod -R a+w science/* # exploring the spaces of hacking, participation and science
Christopher Kelty (University of California)

Intimate Spaces for STS’ Doings
Joanna Latimer (University of York)


Chaired by: Nerea Calvillo (Warwick University) and Francisco j Tirado (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)