Hangar’s open Thursday special edition (featuring HABLAP among others)

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Open thursday special edition featuring the resident and reserching projects of Hangar.org (https://hangar.org/en/). These are the artistic projects that will be exhibited.


Featuring HAPLAB: Horror and Possibility Sci-Fi Workshop (Linked to Track 114 but taking place at the Hangar)

Sophia Brueckner (University of Michigan)

Reading science fiction is like ethics class for inventors, engineers, and designers. For decades, science fiction authors have explored both our wildest dreams and greatest fears for where technology might lead us. Science fiction looks at current technological and social trends and extrapolates them into the future. It speculates on the consequences of these trends, both good and bad, if they continue unchecked. During this workshop, participants will use J. G. Ballard’s “Answers to a Questionnaire”, a story made up of only answers and with the questions omitted, as a jumping‐off point to write one‐sentence science fiction stories. Avoiding both blind optimism for technology as well as its polar opposite of overly Luddite thinking and cynicism, this constrained exercise will encourage the formulation of imaginative and whimsical ideas for new technologies with an attitude of critical optimism…hopeful yet careful.