Demo Night: An Evening of Platforms, Prototypes, and Multimedia Experiments in Action

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Extending the 2016 Conference theme of science and technology “by Other Means”, the evening will feature an open demo space of multi-media and interactive projects by participants of the 4S/EASST 2016 conference and local artists and activists of Hangar’s artistic and research community, who adopt diverse alternative formats to explore and experiment with science, technology and the arts.

Organized by: Tere Badia (Hangar) and Anita Chan Say Chan (University of Illinois)

Invited participants:

  • Daniel Miracle:
  • Sergio Salgado (de x-net):
  • Sophia Brueckner
  • The Journal of Peer Production:
  • Nadya Peek:
  • Mario Santamaria:
  • Pechblenda:
  • DiY Bio Barcelona:
  • Patricio Rivera:
  • Ali Yerdel:
  • BeAnotherLab:
  • Diego Paonesa: