Presidential Awards Plenary

The Presidential Awards Plenary is an opportunity for our two societies to recognize those colleagues who have made significant contributions to the field of STS. As the number of our joint awards is large, we have worked to develop a format for the plenary that is both celebratory and substantive, and that invites the recipients not only to enjoy the community’s recognition of their own outstanding work, but also to engage with each other in conversation. This event will also provide us with an opportunity to express our gratitude to those whose labours have brought this conference into being.

18:00 – 18:30

  • Welcome, opening remarks by Fred and Lucy

18:10 – 18:25

  • 4S Fleck Prize (outstanding book in STS) recipient Banu Subramamiam, Ghost Stories for Darwin: The Science of Variation and the Politics of Diversity, University of Illinois Press, 2014; presenter Kelly Moore.
  • EASST Amsterdamska Award recipients Eden Medina, Ivan da Costa Marques, Christina Holmes (eds.) Beyond Imported Magic: Essays on Science, Technology, and Society in Latin America, MIT Press, 2014.  presenter Estrid Sorensen.

18:25 – 18:40

  • 4S Infrastructure Award recipient The Netherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology, and Modern Culture, Sally Wyatt, Academic Directorpresenter Kenji Ito
  • EASST Freeman Award recipients Sampsa Hyysalo, Torben Elgaard Jensen, Nelly Oudshoorn (eds). The New Production of Users: Changing Innovation Collectives and Involvement Strategies, Routledge, 2016; presenter: EASST tbd.

18:40 – 18:45

  • 4S Edge Prize (oustanding article in STS) recipient Kristoffer Whitney ‘Domesticating nature? Surveillance and conservation of migratory shorebirds in the “Atlantic Flyway”’.  Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 45: 78–87, 2014.  (Kristoffer cannot be present; I’ll read the citation)

18:45 – 19:00  

  • 4S Bernal Prize Distinguished Contribution to the Field recipient Michael Lynch, in conversation with Lucy Suchman; presenter Uli Felt

19:00 – 19:15

  • 4S Carson Prize (outstanding book of social or political relevance in STS) recipient Gabrielle Hecht Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade, MIT Press, 2012; presenter Claire Waterton.
  • 4S Mullins Prize (outstanding piece of scholarship by a graduate student in the field of STS) recipient Monamie Bhadra ‘Nation-Building Civic Epistemologies in India through Nuclear Politics’; presenter Shobita Parthasarathy.

19:15 – 19:30

  • 4S Mentoring Award recipient Arie Rip, Professor of Philosophy of Science and Technology in the School of Management and Governance of the University of Twente, and the Centre for Studies of Science, Technology and Society; presenter Kaushik Sunder Rajan.
  • EASST Ziman Award recipient The Leiden Manifesto -declaration, website and international network Diana Hicks (Georgia Institute of Technology), Paul Wouters, Ludo Waltman, Sarah de Rijcke (CWTS, Leiden) & Ismael Rafols (Ingenio, Valencia); presenter EASST tbd.

19:30 – 19:45  

  • Closing remarks, thanks to conference organizers by Fred and Lucy