Vermouth session : Art and Design by other means: research, methods and practices

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Picture: Susana Tesconi On the one hand, there is an ever greater tendency for art and design research to establish and enhance its links with science and technology studies (STS), this has happened for a variety of methodological and epistemological reasons. On the other hand, while STS were born within the social sciences, they have extended their field of action to other disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas, related to the arts and humanities. In fact, art and design share a mutual approach with STS that is beneficial for both sides considering their drive to transform and to be transformed. The purpose of the present session is to explore this mutual approach from the multiple perspectives of those involved, as well as to exchange practices and experiences between researchers that have undertaken…
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Accepted papers and fees will be communicated around 29th of April 2016

As announced previously, we received a sheer quantity of submissions and it has slowed down the evaluation process. Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause to you. According to this, there is the date that you should keep in mind: 29th of April 2016. Around that date: Accepted papers will be published on the website, below the corresponding track abstract. Convenors will start sending e-mails about the evaluation results to their corresponding authors. Fees information will be published on the website and the registration process will open. Thanks for your patience, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.
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