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Snoring can disrupt the sleep of those around you as well as your own. Side effects from Air Snore
So how do you ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for everyone in the house?

AirSnore says they can give you a snore-free sleep without any chemicals or procedures? They claim there are no side effects, and what they offer is immediately effective and pain free. If so, this would be worth your time and money. Let’s take a look at AirSnore and see if it really works.

Is your trombone snore waking up the neighborhood?

We know how it is. No one wants to sleep in the same room with you. Your own partner is exhausted or worse slept on the couch. Some of us snore so loud we can wake ourselves up. No one likes a fitful night’s sleep. Don’t even get us started on family vacations and sharing a space! Wouldn’t it be great if you could change all of that? For once, you could be the quiet sleeper. Maybe you can.

Why and How Do You Snore?

When we sleep, our mouths relax. This includes your tongue, throat and the soft tissue and muscles on the roof of your mouth. As everything is relaxed it causes the soft palate to rest against the throat blocking the airflow. As you breathe, the air pushes past and creates the noise, or snoring.

You need to know how you breathe in order to assess AirSnore. This device is made for mouth breathers, as most of us are when we sleep. If you are a rare nose breather when you sleep, the AirSnore will help, but the results may vary.

Does Airsnore really work ?

Caution: There are many overpriced fake products in circulation with unpredictable side effects. Make sure to buy only at our recommended sources:

Product Name AirSnore
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Type Mouthpiece
Possible Results Stop Snoring
Comfortable and Easy to Wear
No Special Fitting Required
60 Day Guarantee
Price 49,95 $
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How Does AirSnore Work

If you are new to jaw devices, this product is a mandibular adjustment device, or MAD. AirSnore fits in the mouth to adjust the placement of your lower jaw while you sleep. By gently holding your mandibular, or jaw, slightly forward, where your lower teeth sit just in front of your upper teeth, the elongation gives more space to resting mouth muscles allowing the air to pass freely through.

What is unique about AirSnore versus other products on the market is its combination with AirSnore Drops. The most common complaint with MADs is initial discomfort which affects the ability to fall or stay asleep. Second is not being able to use them when congested. AirSnore worked through these problems by including all-natural, homeopathic drops to enhance sleep and provide relief from congestion.

Can Wearing This be Comfortable?

Having a universally sized product was alarming until we tested the individual fit offered by AirSnore. No special tools, doctor visits or surgeries are required to get a comfortable placement in your mouth. What we really loved is that it’s foolproof! You can readjust it as many times as needed to get the best fit. Once it feels right along your teeth, you will adjust and sleep becomes natural once more. This transition is made easier with the AirSnore Drops, which we will cover more in depth below.

How to Get the Right Fit for the Mouthpiece

Heat clean water on your stove, just before boiling.
Place the AirSnore mandibular device in the water for 2 – 3 minutes to soften
Remove and let it cool enough to place into your mouth without burning you
Set it in your mouth comfortably, with your lower jaw slightly out, like an underbite
Bite down for about 1 minute
Remove and place in a bowl of clean, cold water to harden and set

Once it is set, try the mouthpiece on and see if it’s comfortable. If it isn’t, simply repeat the steps above until you achieve the perfect fit.

Directions for Maintaining Your Device

We loved how simple it was to clean! Each morning, simply soak your AirSnore in cold water with a little toothpaste for 10 – 15 minutes. Allow it to air dry, and then store it in the container provided. Another option is to use a mild denture wash for 10 – 15 minutes, then dry and store as above.

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Is AirSnore for Everyone?

Yes, we believe it is. Though men snore more than women, it works perfectly for either sex. It also works for all ages, as AirSnore is designed to work for people with dentures or with missing teeth. This is the only time a trip to the dentist may be worthwhile in regards to snoring. A dentist may help get a perfect fit for you in these two situations.

What Makes This Better Than Other MADs

Other than being a one-size-fits-all solution with incredible ease in adjusting the fit, we really love the price. It comes in much lower than other brands in the same product line. We also love that it provides a breathing hole at the front so you can continue to comfortably breath through your mouth as you sleep. Then there are the drops, check out the ingredients!

Lavender oil – known for it’s relaxing and sedative properties
  Eucalyptus oil – a common remedy for clear breathing
Peppermint oil – a natural solution for decongestion and sinuses
Sunflower seed oil – a soothing oil as a carrier for the others
Scots pine leaf oil – homeopathic remedy for inflammation and protection from sinuses

Reviews for the AirSnore

Though we give this jaw advancement device the thumbs up, you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look at what others are saying.

Side effects from Air Snore
Air snore pipette, perfect dosage for the customer

The fit was easy when awake, but those first few nights took some getting used to. I think the oils helped. They took my focus off the AirSnore. I like the smell of them. My wife says I’m quiet now, so that works for me. – Todd Hayes

I’ve tried a lot of different MADs over the years. And I’ve spent a lot of money. The AirSnore is not the fanciest I’ve used, but it was the easiest. I don’t use it every night but when I do it works. – Paul R.

My girlfriend gave this to me. I hated it at first but it made her happy. So I kept using it. Now I don’t even notice the thing. Thanks AirSnore! – TheBeastJohnson

Where Can You Buy AirSnore

A quick internet search showed us that there are some scams out there on the AirSnore product. They use extreme discounts and sales to trick you into buying fake or non-existent products. It is not wise to buy this product from Amazon or E-bay as there is no way to confirm its authenticity. We offer our readers a safe and guaranteed AirSnore provider.

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Stop Snoring

Easy to Wear

No Special Fitting Required

60 Day Guarantee

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