T005.4 Turning Things into Assets

Convenors: Prof Fabian Muniesa (Mines ParisTech); Prof Kean Birch (York University)

An increasing number of STS scholars are engaging with assets as objects of inquiry. An asset is a thing that can be owned, traded and capitalized as a revenue stream, often involving the valuing of discounted future earnings in the present. One key question emerges: how do things become assets?

Investing in energy system flexibility ‐ A risk or uncertainty?
Dr Ronan Bolton (University of Edinbrugh)

Mineral deposits to money mines: capitalization and investment climate rankings
Dr Paul Gilbert (University of Brighton)

Turning sunlit rooftops and windy sites into energy assets
Dr Alain Nadai (CNRS); Dr Béatrice Cointe (Aix‐Marseille University)

Making New Assets from Old: Future Cities
Prof Janette Webb (University of Edinburgh); Dr David Hawkey (University of Edinburgh)

Hungry Capital: Financial Actors & the Governance of Global Food Security
Ms Lise Cornilleau (LISIS / Sciences Po)

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Location: 212 Date: September 1, 2016 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm